About Us

Aesthetic Skin Design (ASD) was born from an aspiration to create a new dimension of Luxurious Beauty Concepts.

Established with passion and expertise by co-owners Simona Barta and Cedar Taliambes, two highly trained, reputable Beauty Practitioners, Paramedical Aestheticians and Professional Beauty Educators.

At ASD, we want you to embrace a personal impression of beauty, which reflects in the bespoke nature of our exclusive salon services. We embrace a holistic and results driven approach of today’s beauty world and collaborate with doctors, nutritionists and leading industry experts to ensure that our guests receive premium beauty resolutions.

ASD is a contemporary Beauty Lounge offerring  Skin & Body Therapies, Beauty Remedies, Cosmetic Enhancements, and Makeup & Tanning Services.

We you welcome you to explore our exclusive TREATMENT MENU and we look forward to personalising your luxury beauty journey.

With thanks and gratitude,

Simona and Cedar

Our Partners

At Aesthetic Skin Design we aim to partner with brands that align to our values. We aim to bring to our customers the latest innovation of products which meet our high expectations, and prove to deliver optimum results.