Prodigio C40

The COSMETIC ANTIOXIDANT ENHANCING designed to fight the damage caused by free radicals. This DELUXE ANTIOXIDANT FACIAL is recommend as a SHOCK TREATMENT for an evening out or a special occasion; to fight signs of fatigue and stress for a fresher and more rested face. The Magnific’ Mask used in this facial will provide an extraordinary tensor effect for a toned skin.

70 minutes – $165

Calm Perfection

The perfection of the first “BIOMIMTEC” face treatment which mimics the natural mechanism of the skin to treat SENSITIVE AND INTOLERANT SKIN. This facial will repaired strengthened and regains its structural and functional integrity of the skin.

60 minutes – $145

White Science

A cutting –age treatment that reduces skin spots, regulates melanin in the skin and evens out the skin tone. Works on three elements Dark Melanin spots, Brightness and Uniformity.

60 minutes – $145

Aesthetic Skin Corrective Facials

Aesthetic Skin Corrective facials are design to address different skin problems including dehydration, sensitivity, prematurely aging, hormonal skin, acne, and pigmentation.
Our skin approach incorporate Shiatsu, Pressure point and Lymphatic face massage as well as scalp massage therapy to unblock and correct the energy flow through the body.
We offer this relaxation therapy in conjunction with our facials as we believe that the massage therapy can alleviate the level of stress that results or cause skin problems.

Hydra Perfection

The perfection of first HYDRO-NOURISHIN cosmetic treatment designed to hydrate the skin across all levels providing it with the correct quantity of Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen.
60  min – $145

Pure Equalizer – Rebalance

A treatment formulated for impure and combination skin that restores the natural mechanism of the skin functioning. Rebalance and re-educate skin.
60 min- $145