Revitalizing Remedy

Revitalise your body with deep, relaxing Organic Himalayan Rose Body Exfoliation. Considered to be the purest salt in the world, free of pollutants or toxins Hymalian Pink salt it’s regarded for its beautiful crystal and beneficial proprieties. In synergy with our finest essential oils blend, rose petals  and aromatic rose compresses this powerful revitalizing treatment is beneficial for fighting fluid retention, alleviating muscle soreness, detoxifying the body, and improving circulation, whilst leaving the skin silky smooth and profoundly nourished. 

45 minutes – $95


The Back Facial Rescue Therapy

This therapy is a complete facial for your back! Followed  by a thorough skin analysis our therapists will design the correct treatment plan to achieve the desired outcome. This treatment includes similar facial techniques applied in a facial treatment and combines electrotherapy to help the skin to clear imperfections. We perform a deep cleansing procedure using an invigorating back brushing technique, manual exfoliation, extractions and massage. All this followed by a nourishing mask to hydrate your skin and electrotherapy.

45 min – $90   


Serene Reawakening Body Wraps

Experience the ultimate Serene Reawakening full body ritual. Select one of our holistic body wrap treatments and focus on your desired  results of either detoxing, toning, hydrating and relax and soothe your muscles. For a complete relaxing experience we complete this full body ritual with an exclusive rose foot bath ritual and a Moroccan oil scalp therapy.

60 min – $135


Body By Design

Our choice!Figure- FIRMING customised body program designed by our body specialists to sculpture, refine, lift and tone body silhouette.  Our therapists will consult and advise you which treatments and how many are required to achieve the desired result. The program use the synergy of different pieces of equipment Microlift, Galvanic,

Microdermabrasion, Steaming, Body Brush, Vacuum Suction,  each one with a specific function and  includes 4 treatments   2 Electrotherapy, 1 Revitalizing Remedy, and 1  Revitalizing Remedy. This body program will deliver best outcome in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle.Strengths of BODY BY DESIGN Program • A toned a shapely silhouette• Targeted imperfections associated with diffused and localized sagging skin• In synergy with Electrotherapy therapy used to transfer the active ingredients further into the skin, to work directly on the cellular level.• It encourages an immediate contraction of elastic fibers, speeding up the synthesis of the new collagen production, promoting firming of the skin.• Renews the body’s epidermis,  eliminating thickened skin, unevenness and impurities • It firms up the skin , leaving it plumper, youthful and refreshed     

4 weeks – $399


Soothe your soul & Relieve tension

as enter your relaxation journey with an ASD Exclusive Foot Ritual Bliss and a Complimentary organic tea blend to support your inner wellbeing and enhance your outer beauty.

Absolute Relaxation Massage

Enjoy an absolute relaxation massage to relieve stress. An exceptional experience of wellbeing and harmony

  • 30 min – $60
  • 60 min – $100
  • 90 min – $150

Hot Stone Massage

Experience our holistic hot stone therapy. Heated stones are placed on pressure points to melt away tension and improve circulation.

Soothing, rhythmical massage techniques are applied to the body using hot stones…..The ultimate Bliss!

    • 90 min – $169
    • 60 min – $139