Eyebrow Tattoo

Wake up every morning with the Perfect Eyebrows! Save your precious time. No need to fill in or even tint eyebrows after having this amazing treatment.
Eyebrows can be lightly filled for a powdered effect and hair strokes can be drawn between your existing brow hairs to fill in gaps, eyebrow shape, thickness and length can be enhanced.

Eyebrows (powdered/block brow/ combination/ombre)
Price from $650 – $850

Eyeliner Tattoo

Subtle or bold gives great appeal enhancing the beauty of the eyes.
Cosmetic tattooed Eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-resistant and long- lasting.
For those who prefer their lashes to be thicker and darker as opposed to eyeliner look we recommend the Lash Enhancement technique, where colour can be strategically placed in between your lashes to create the look of a thicker lash base rather the full eyeliner effect.

Eyeliner (top eyeliner/bottom eyeliner/top and bottom eyeliner/ lash enhancement) price from $500 – $900

Lip Tattoo

is the great way to transform and enhance lips that have lost definition, shape and fullness with age, restoring volume and creating more balanced shape. Colour and various contoured techniques are used to obtain more youthful appearance.

Lips (lip line/ lip line and blend/lips full) price from $550– $950

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Semi Permanent Makeup/ Cosmetic Tattooing

At Aesthetic Skin Design we offer customised, professional outcomes in the Revolutionary Art Form of Semi-Permanent Makeup/ Cosmetic Tattooing! We bring together extensive aesthetics industry expertise combined with a European advanced “ digital technology”, quality products and a passionate focus on enhancing personal facial features.

Enhancements are possible by redefining and re-shaping eyebrows in creating the best facial expression and maximising facial beauty!


All our cosmetic tattooing services required a tattoo design consultation prior treatment. During the tattoo design consultation we discuss your preferences for: colour, design what is achievable as well as the requirements for aftercare and follow up tattoo procedure.


Consultation fee for all tattooing services is $150 (redeemable toward your tattooing service) and its payable when the appointment time is booked for the consultation.

Please note: due to skin and features changes throughout time the tattoo design consultation should be followed up by the service within to 2-4 from the time of consultation. If the tattooing service is requested at a later date a new consultation and respective fee is required.

Why Choose Us?

We offer customised and unique cosmetic tattooing services performed by a highly specialised accredited technician. Safe cosmetic tattooing services in Health Department approved premises European engineering advanced “Digital” technology, delivering precise, uniform pigment with minimal skin trauma The highest quality, hypoallergenic permanent makeup pigment Sterile, single-use, hygienically sealed needle cartridge system according to Australian Health Regulations.